This 'Simpsons,' 'Wire' Mash-Up Tickles the Humor Way Down in Your Soul

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Youtuber CasimirN is giving us two great things that we now see go great together.

As reported by HitFix, the video mash-ups the opening theme from the third season of HBO's ground-breaking, award-winning drama "The Wire" -- as performed by The Neville Brothers -- with scenes from the third season of the famous, long-running, award-winning animated series "The Simpsons." The mash-ups even goes so far as to credit all the Major League Baseball players that guest starred in the incredible episode "Homer at the Bat." It also ends with a quote, which is typical of "The Wire," but uses one from the title credits of the "Simpsons" episode "Flaming Moe's."

There is not debating its awesomeness. Feel free to debate which version of "The Wire" intro was the best.

(Artwork by ADN)

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