This Samurai Archer Stormtrooper Figure Is A Thing of Beauty

Tamashii Nation first showcased some of their Star Wars Movie Realization designs back in July during the annual Star Wars Celebration event in Europe. Now, fans now can get a closer look at one of the newer figures in anticipation for its Spring release.

Toyark has the first look at the toymaker's Samurai Archer Stormtrooper figure, which mixes traditional Japanese artwork and military designs with everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away. This particular Stormtrooper variation also includes a sword, collapsible bow, arrows, and a quiver for storage.

A Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive, the Samurai Archer Stormtrooper is set for a September 30 pre-sale at a price of 8,856 Yen -- or about $85 stateside. Unfortunately, the figurine isn't slated to ship until March 2017, but at least there's "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" coming up on December 16 to tide fans over until then. The full Tamashii Samurai Star Wars set, including additional designs for Darth Maul, Queen Amidala, IB-88 and a Gamorrean Guard, can also be found over here.

Check out the images below for a better look at Tamashii Nation's pretty impressive work.

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