This real-life Voltron Blazing Sword is even better than you imagined

There probably isn't a fan of the classic anime series "Voltron" who hasn't at one time or another yelled "Form Blazing Sword!" and pretended to slice through robeasts. It could've been when you were a kid, or it could've been last week in the break room -- we're not here to judge.

Of course, when you're the skilled craftspeople of Baltimore Knife and Sword, you don't have to pretend; you can simply make a Blazing Sword. And so that's what happens in the latest episode of "Man at Arms: Reforged," where the team creates not only its first '80s cartoon build, but also it's first flaming weapon.

The result is pretty amazing. While the real-life Blazing Sword doesn't slay any robeasts, it does wreak havoc on a cantaloupe and an unsuspecting Godzilla figure.

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