This R2-D2 lawn ornament protects your yard from womp rats

If you're interested in giving your garden a little charm from a galaxy far, far away, then check out this Think Geek exclusive. They've just revealed an officially-licensed R2-D2 lawn ornament that stands at 17.5" -- high enough to keep watch over your lawn, but still too short to really peek into the window of Yoda's Dagobah hut.

The astromech ornament is made of resin and weighs in at 6.5 lbs., giving off the appearance of real concrete. The little guy also works as a stand-in for an Artoo that's been turned to stone by Medusa, if you're working up a complicated Star Wars/Greek mythology mash-up cosplay. You can check out pictures of the R2-D2 lawn ornament below.

(via Think Geek)

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