This pristine Black Lotus 'Magic' card could be yours, for $100K

If that video of the surprise discovery of an Alpha Black Lotus card has you itching to play Magic: The Gathering again, then do we have an offer for you. Pristine Comics in Federal Way, Washington -- the same store that auctioned a copy of Action Comics #1 for a record $3.2 million -- is selling the highest-graded Beta Black Lotus card in existence.

The asking price? A mere $100,000.

As Pristine Comics details on its website, the card is rated 10 by Becket Grading Services, which it argues is more comprehensive than Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) and Sportscard Guaranty Company (SGC).

"To compare, there is only one BGS-10 Beta Black Lotus," the description states. "There are 34 PSA-10’s of this same card. An ungraded NM/Mint Beta Black Lotus lists for about $2400.00. PSA-10 sells for about $10,000. By comparison the BGS-10 Beta Black Lotus should command an asking price of $230,000 (when compared to the PSA-10), Or nearly a million dollars when compared to its ungraded counterpart."

An Alpha Black Lotus card (rated 9.5 by Becket), significantly more rare than its Beta counterparts, sold on eBay last year for $27,302.

As ICv2 notes, Pristine's eBay auction lists $100,000 as the card's "Buy It Now" price. However, there is a "Make Offer" button, so maybe the store is open to interesting trades ...

(via ICv2.com)

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