This Pennsylvania store is selling a million comics for $1 each

If you're looking lay your hands on a million-dollar comic, New Dimension Comics probably can't help you. However, if you want to browse a million $1 comics, that's the place to be on Saturday.

Todd McDevitt, owner of the Ellwood City, Pennsylvania store -- the state's largest -- is holding a $1 sale so big, that it spills over from New Dimension's Lawrence Avenue location to a neighboring storefront and a former VFW Post.

"I've been accumulating comic books for 29 years now and I'm up to over 1 million," he told the Ellwood City Ledger, "so I decided to put them all on sale for one day for $1 each."

While you're unlikely to uncover a comic that will make you wealthy, you may be able to find that one issue that's bedeviled you for years, preventing the completion of that near-unbroken run. "Tons of people will bring their want lists, whatever they're missing from a section of their collection; it's easy to dig for and they're pretty happy to find it for $1," McDevitt said. "Are there some gems in here? Absolutely. There's some signed stuff. There's some exclusive covers. Some limited editions, that sort of thing."

McDevitt typically holds a basement sale a few times a year, but Saturday's will be his largest year. The sale runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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