This Parody Is Good - House of W (Part 2)

Sean Whitmore's parodies have been routinely a lot of fun (except for the Punisher one, but why nit-pick?), and I enjoyed the first part of his House of W parody. The second part was released today, and it is well worth you checking out!My favorite bits were, as follows:

- When Spidey doubts that Dr. Strange couldn't just reverse this all in a flash, and he says, "Yeah, you're right" but gets attacked by a demon the next panel, along with a caption: Follow the Doctor's adventures in the upcoming JMS miniseries!" Hilarious parody of the similar event during JMS' Amazing Spider-Man run.

- Wolverine joining up with everyone

- Hawkeye shooting Spider-Woman with an arrow (in a nice teasing of her dumb arguments during House of M).

Read it, people! It's funny!

By the by, sorry for three linkblogging posts in a row! I promise, next entry will be original content! I just thought that the three things were too cool not to mention to y'all (Blog@Newsarama, the Infinite Crisis thing and Sean's House of W).

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