This New Judge Dredd Action Figure IS the Law

Earthlets are sure to express their Vinglop Hudsock  -- that's “Great Enjoyment,” according to the Betelgeusian phrasebook, language of “2000AD” editor Tharg The Mighty -- at news from 3A Toys that the most-feared, least-amenable dispenser of the Law is back in glorious 1/6th-scale, with accessories to make any Mega City One dweller quake in their boots.

“2000AD,” Rebellion and 3A have teamed up to bring fans the fearsome Judge Dredd figure, inspired by the art of Brian Bolland. ThreeA points out the attention to detail, noting, "From helmet to uniform, eagle to badge, to the dirt of the Cursed Earth on his boots, and his infamous craggy chin, this is the quintessential Judge Dredd collectible figure.”

Standing 12.3 inches tall, this Dredd features 29 points of articulation, not to mention one Daystick, a Lawgiver Mk1 (plus removable ammo magazine,) a Lawgiver Mk2 (plus removable ammo magazine) and a Lawrod (plus removable ammo magazine and shoulder stock) for when you just can’t live without a fully-armored Judge in your house. The lawman also features some body-enhancing options, including four sets of interchangeable hands and “the ability to swap his iconic scowl for a gritted teeth expression for when maximum sentencing is required.”

The figure comes at an exciting time for any Deca Thargo (fan of “2000AD” from the very beginning), as it will available for preorder beginning Sept. 29, a day after the release of the 2,000th issue of the British magazine. Issue, or “Prog," 2000 will solidify “2000AD’s” status as the Europe’s longest-running sci-fi action comic, with 48 pages by a lineup of creators that includes John Wagner, Kevin O'Neill, Dan Abnett, Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons.

The Judge Dredd figure will be available for preorder for $200 from Bambaland.com, and from select retailers.

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