This Millennium Falcon playhouse has got it where it counts, kid

It's not going to make the Kessel Run any time soon, but this DIY Millennium Falcon cockpit playhouse is pretty tough to beat.

Designed by Kyle Gilbert, it was built over the course of 10 days for his Star Wars-loving children using PVC board, MDF, Bondo and "a few wooden odds and ends." As he details at Instructibles, where he provides a free download of the instructions, it was a relatively inexpensive project that required fairly straightforward tools (although not everyone may have an electric sander in his or her arsenal).

While 9-year-old Kevin would've been ecstatic to discover just the shell of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit on the bedroom floor (heck, even made from cardboard and duct tape), the dashboard is easily the best part of Gilbert's project (yes, those are painted dowels, and some wheels from a desk chair).

Perhaps if you're industrious, and have plenty of spare room in the basement, you can expand upon Gilbert's plans, creating a cargo bay and gun well, for the kids (or you; we're not judging). Just note, as Makezine so helpfully reminds us, that the Wookiee is not included.

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