This mighty LEGO Voltron emerges from days of long ago

With a reboot of Voltron debuting this summer, it's likely we'll see plenty of merchandise arrive in its wake. However, some old-school members of the Galaxy Alliance prefer their super robots with an '80s flair. For them, there's a more classic take on the Defender of the Universe, submitted to LEGO Ideas.

Proposed by brick enthusiast len_d69, this LEGO set features five articulated robot lions that, when combined, create a 16-inch Voltron. Just like in the TV series, the Black Lion forms the head and body, the Red and Green Lions form the arms, and the Blue and Yellow form the legs.

You probably know how LEGO Ideas works:Fans submit proposals for new LEGO sets, which are then voted upon  by other fans. Those that attract 10,000 supporters qualify for review by a board of designers and marketing representatives. Projects that pass the review process then are transformed into an official LEGO product, with the creator receiving credit and royalties from sales.

This LEGO Voltron set, which was submitted last week, has already attracted more than 1,800 supporters, so it's well on its way.

(via Technabob)

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