This may be the greatest Ant-Man cosplay you'll ever see

If you've been busy sketching your idea for the perfect Ant-Man costume, just throw away whatever you have, because it's going to be difficult to beat this one. I know cosplay isn't a competition (except when it is, of course), but this kid's Ant-Man and Antony costume clearly wins ... everything.

It's the work of Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes, an organization that creates some pretty amazing costumes for kids with wheelchairs and walkers, free of charge to their families. Like the group itself, the costume is pretty amazing; as you can see in the brief video below, Antony's "legs" even move.

Have you seen our latest creation? Ant-Man and Antony. #BigSlickKC #AntMan pic.twitter.com/Fabk381KBk

— Walkin' & Rollin' (@WalkinNRollin) May 23, 2016

#AntonyLives. One of my favorite cosplays at PCC. Coulson and Lola @clarkgregg @AgentsofSHIELD pic.twitter.com/VuiQL90Ktw

— Walkin' & Rollin' (@WalkinNRollin) May 24, 2016

(via Geeks Are Sexy)

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