This mammoth LEGO Star Destroyer hides a three-level interior

Although it's certainly looks large enough to have been constructed on Kuat, the Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant is actually a custom LEGO build by brick fanatic doomhandle.

"The Tyrant is over 56 inches (1.4m) long and weighs approximately 70 lbs (32kg) with a full load (the interior adds a lot of weight). That makes it about 20 inches longer -- and quite a few times heavier -- than the classic LEGO UCS version. That's the official 2014 LEGO Star Destroyer in the foreground above, for comparison."

Ah, yes, the interior: The remarkably detailed exterior alone is impressive enough, but doomhandle has created a fully realized, three-level interior that includes the bridge, a conference room, a Sith meditation chamber and officer's quarters (all on the top level), a classic Imperial catwalk, operations center, medical bay, armory and turbo lift (level 2), and a canteen, barracks, detention center, cargo hold, engineering and, yes, hangar bays that actually house TIE Interceptors, a Sentinel-class shuttle and a captured A-wing.


As you can see, it's pretty spectacular. See some of the photos below, but be sure to take the full tour.

(via Kotaku)

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