This lightsaber can play the 'Star Wars' theme on a violin

Violinist Jeffrey Ding He has mastered the art of handling a lightsaber. Instead of using his saber to defend the Republic from the rising sect of the evil Sith Lords, he uses it to play beautiful music. Maybe there's a place for him in the Cantina Band or at Maz Kanata's new place?

Hing uses split-screen video editing to play all four parts of "The Force Theme" from "Star Wars." He has also superimposed four different lightsaber colors over his bow, making the illusion of Jedi Knights (and one Sith) playing the violin complete. His Sith character very cleverly plays "The Imperial March" over "The Force Theme" which makes it not only an epic video, but an epic mashup.

The music of "Star Wars" is so sweeping and beautiful, having a lightsaber play the notes seems like a very eloquent and befitting use for a "weapon of a more civilized age." This multi-layered violin cover is enough to send anyone to a galaxy far, far, away.

(Via Mashable.com)

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