This life-size Armored Batman statue stands ready to deliver justice

If you've been having a bit of trouble with a certain super-powered alien with a red cape, this life-size Armored Batman statue may be just what you need. Think of it as a scarecrow for Kryptonians.

Officially unveiled by Hot Toys on the heels of its 1/6th-scale Armored Batman action figure, this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice statue stands 6 feet 4 inches tall (more than 7 feet on its base), and features a head with light-up eyes, a fabric cape and, naturally, movie-accurate details (right down to the facial stubble). The base also lights up.

Where you might put a life-size Armored Batman statue and, more importantly, how you might finance it is anyone's guess. There's no indication yet about the price, but you know it's going to wildly expensive. Like, Where's-Bruce-Wayne-When-You-Need-Him? expensive.

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