This LEGO Thanos Bust and Infinity Gauntlet would rule your toy collection

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor has described the Infinity Stones as having unparalleled power. Luckily for him (and just about everyone else in the MCU), no one currently has possession of all six -- yet.

Of course, that could change as we get closer and closer to the first "Infinity War" film. But one fan -- perhaps not wanting to wait until 2018 to see Thanos finally get his purple meathooks on the sextet of gems -- built his own version of the Infinity Gauntlet out of LEGO. For added measure, he also made a menacing Thanos bust to go with it.

In keeping with the mythology of the Marvel films, the artist in question -- Flickr user The Deathly Halliwell -- made the gauntlet left-handed, as the right-handed one is still in Odin's vault. And for an extra-special flourish, he used LifeLites to give both the stones and Thanos' burning red eyes the appropriate cosmic glow.

You can view both creations in detail, as well as the rest of Halliwell's LEGO busts, on his Flickr page.

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