This LEGO 'Star Wars' Ewok village is big enough for an actual Ewok

As passionately as I believe the dastardly Ewoks are a plague infecting Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (worse even than Salacious B. Crumb), I have to admit this 3-foot LEGO Ewok village is pretty spectacular.

It's the work of brick fanatic KW Vauban, who recreates Bright Tree Village in impressive detail, even going so far as to reenact the celebration following the Battle of Endor. And just look at those trees and vegetation (there's even a battle wagon on the forest floor).

The unfortunate side effect of viewing this LEGO marvel is, of course, that we'll have the horrendous "Ewok Celebration" song (aka "Yub Nub") stuck in our heads.

(via Kotaku, Brick Nerd)

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