This LEGO Ideas pitch is all about that (Batman) bass

A fan has proposed a LEGO set that -- in the spirit of the DJ-loving LEGO version of the Caped Crusader -- turns the Batcave into a sound system, or, as it's referred to in the pitch, Batman's "Bass Base."

On the surface, the set looks like a Batman-themed speaker, that is, until it's unfolded to reveal a DJ layer for the Dark Knight of vengeance that, using an auxiliary cable, actually plays music.

The set isn't approved however, it's still just a pitch as part of the user-generated LEGO Ideas site. LEGO Ideas is the brand’s user submission portal for new LEGO set designs. An idea for a new LEGO must be submitted through the site, then go through a community voting period. If the set gains enough traction, the LEGO company then reviews it and, if approved, the set goes on to be sold in stores.

To vote for the LEGO Batman Bass Base, head over to the official LEGO Ideas page.















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