This Kid's Awesome Optimus Prime Costume Actually Transforms

If you're a kid of the 1980s who grew up watching "The Transformers," you're likely feeling a pang of envy as you watch these videos of what will undoubtedly rank among the best Halloween costumes of 2016: an Optimus Prime that can actually transform.

It was created by Reddit user Renz2LK for his son, who's undoubtedly poised not only to lead the Autobots but rule trick-or-treating. His dad reveals the costume was created in six hours, spread over two days, from scraps of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam left over from a New York Comic Con cosplay project, spray paint and, for the robot form, a store-bought costume.

"It was basic geometric shapes, so it was pretty easy to just custom size each piece to fit him," Renz2LK explains. "As for the transforming part, I had seen him pretending to transform while playing in costume. I just created the cab portion of the truck to cover him and found that it was easy to flip it open when he stood up."

As you can see from the videos, it works perfectly, with the "cab" falling into place when li'l Optimus drops to the ground to "roll out." The vehicle form even comes equipped with flashing lights, perfect for authenticity, battling Decepticons and trick-or-treating after dark.

(via Kotaku)

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