This June, Archie Comics' Sonic Faces Some Bad Memories

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Official Press Release

When you've dedicated your life to saving the world for 15 years, you're bound to make many friends… and maybe even more foes… along the way. You're also likely to acquire a backlog of memories both good and bad… of victories won and lost, friends and alliances betrayed, and fallen colleagues. This June, Sonic fans will take a trip through memory lane with the blue blur, as they re-encounter some tough customers from Sonic's past, and relive the moving occasion of Princess Sally's death as another ally of Sonic falls.

2006 marks the 15th anniversary of the Sonic character. It certainly has been one heck of a year in the Sonic comics! In both the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC X titles, Sonic and his friends have faced major threats from both old and new villains, in thrilling epic tales that have seen our heroes on the brink of destruction and then some! This June, the excitement doesn't let up for a moment, as the stakes keep rising higher and higher! Can you stand the pulse-pounding excitement and intrigue? Pick up these issues and find out!

SONIC X #10, ships 6/14. 32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US. "No Thanks for the Memories Part 1 of 2": Sonic's 15th anniversary is turning out to be a raucous one, and this issue raises the bar for sheer Sonic mayhem! That's because the evil Eggman has trapped Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy and forced them to battle for their lives against Sonic's most dangerous adversaries from his early video game adventures! At least the Chaotix (Vector, Charmy and Espio) finally make a "Sonic X" appearance, but if they don't throw down soon, it could be game over for Sonic and his friends! The perfect "jump on" issue for new readers, and an exciting ride for long-time fans. SCRIPT: Joe Edkin. ART: Tracy Yardley. Rock-'n- Reelin' in the Years cover by Spaz!

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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #164, ships 6/28. 32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US. "Darkest Storm Part 3 of 3": The cataclysmic conclusion of this epic tale finds a fallen hero and a hidden villain revealed! Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have always been the greatest heroes the world has ever known, but can they stand up to the combined forces of mystical Ixis Naugus, megalomaniac Mammath Mogol and the world's most evil science geek, Robotnik? The most shocking story development since SONIC #50's death of Princess Sally! PLUS: Another nail-biting back-up tale! Featuring the third in a series of triptych covers by Spaz-collect all three issues (including last month's #162 and #163) for a complete image!

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