This is what we call the Muppet Show!

I never thought I'd miss "Can't Wait for Wednesday," the labor-intensive comics-of-the-week feature I wrote with Chris Mautner at our former online home. But this is one time I wish we were still doing the column, if only so I could name The Muppet Show #1 as my Pick of the Week.

I grew up with The Muppet Show, both in its original run and in later rebroadcasts, so my opinion is undoubtedly tinted a little by nostalgia. But, man, Roger Langridge really nails it. This first issue -- out today -- is the next-best thing to watching the TV show. All that's missing is the celebrity guest host.

If you need more convincing, Langridge provides a glimpse of a panel from Issue 3, featuring Gonzo as the Mad Hatter.

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