This is what good "pimping" looks like....

Do we use the word "pimping" on this side of comic book fandom?  For me that word indicates the action of posting about a specific title (be it book, manga, television show or film) as to entice all your friends to jump on the love-bandwagon for whatever media you happen to be crazy about at this particular moment.

Melinda has written a beautiful post explaining why we should all be reading xxxholic here.  She has plot breakdown, character descriptions, relationship configurations and oh yes.  Lots and lots of pretty art.

xxxholic is hands down CLAMP's most mature and moving work they've created in their twenty-year-or-so-long career.  Go let Melinda tell you why.

After you've read all 12 volumes released by Del Rey in the states, come back and give me a 5,000 word essay explaining Doumeki and Watanuki's relationship.  I'll be waiting.

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