This Is the End Red-Band Trailer Takes Aim At the Apocalypse

Today's the day the Mayans said the world is going to end. Well, not really, but isn't that easier to say than they predicted we'd be heading into a new age of enlightenment? While waiting to see what happens (which will be nothing), do yourself a favor and watch another fictional account of the end of the world.

This Is the End, formerly known as The End of the World and The Apocalypse, started life as a short film called Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse, starring Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen as themselves living through the end of the world. The short was written by Rogen's Superbad writing partner Evan Goldberg and Jason Stone. The pair were joined by Rogen in creating the film version. Rogen and Goldberg are co-directing the big screen version which follows a group of actors playing themselves as the world ends.

Rogen and fellow star James Franco present the first trailer for the film that comes out on June 14, you know, just in case that whole Mayan apocalypse thing turns out to be true. Both the introduction and the trailer are NSFW and red-band respectively, so consider yourself warned.

As you can see from the trailer, in addition to Rogen, Baruchel and Franco, the film also stars Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and Emma Watson. Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, David Krumholtz and Michael Cera also make appearances, but from the sound of it, they don't all make it to the film's end.

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