This Iron Man Figure is a Stark Departure from Your Average Samurai

Perhaps the only thing cooler than a samurai is a samurai that can fly and shoot concentrated laser beams from his or her palms. That's the claim behind Tamashii Nations' new Marvel Manga Realization Samurai Iron Man, an action figure that stylizes the iconic armor donned by billionaire superhero Tony Stark as that of a Japanese samurai warrior.

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The Iron Man figure comes hot off the heels of the similarly impressive Spider-Man samurai action figure, also crafted by Tamashii Nations, images for which began popping up online last November. While the samurai Spider-Man wielded a metal grappling hook and blade, images posted by Figsoku show Iron Man wielding a traditional samurai sword and what appears to be a low-tech jetpack.

侍アイアインマン pic.twitter.com/qmEzHyxuSc

— フィギュア・プラモ情報@fig速 (@figsoku) September 23, 2016

The company also made news recently with its line of Star Wars samurai action figures, including bushido versions of Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Imperial Royal Guards. Tamashii Nations is an umbrella brand of Bandai, a Japanese toymaker and video game company, that is known for their intricate action figures depicting characters from television series like "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "Digimon," among others.

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Marvel Manga Realization Samurai Iron Man will be available for purchase in Japan some time in February of next year. The figure will retail for 9,504 yen, which is approximately $95.

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