This Idea Is Good - The 100 Artists Project

Kevin Singles, a moderator over at Penciljack (which is an online community of artists and comic fans), was telling me the other day about this neat charity project that they have going called The 100 Artists Project.

The idea is to get together 100 artists to make two art books and then auction/sell them for charity. The proceeds will go 50% to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and 50% The Hero Initiative. The artwork will be original artwork, anything you as an artist, want to draw. A pinup, a comic page, a quick sketch, a small painting, a collage, etc. No copyrighted characters, though (unless you happen to own the copyright).

They currently have 75 artists signed up, so they need 25 more artists! So all you artists out there, pitch in!

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Feel free to use your own characters as long as they haven't been published. The rights to your artwork remain with you and we will add a disclaimer in the credits on the book.

No digital art sent as a print. I will send those back to you.

The project will consist of two phases.

Phase 1 - Individual Sheets

After some debate, you can pick any paper you want, but it has to be 9x12". Draw, ink, sketch, paint, marker, pastel anything you want. Remember that this is going to be bound so leave some bleed on the left side, as much as an inch to be safe. Mail it to the address below. When 100 drawings are assembled, they will be scanned, bound and the final original art book will be auctioned off. The scanned images will then be published via either Lulu or Blurb and sold on their online stores. Feel free to link these stores when they are up and running. The more visibility, the more we can pull in for the donations.

Phase 2 - The Big Mail

This will be one sketchbook mailed to 100 artists. It's ambitious and may likely run into problems, but it's worth a shot. One book will be sent to each artist who will then mail it to the next artist on the list. The list will be geographically tweaked so each mailing doesn't have to go overseas more than once and won't have to go from the US coasts more than once. When you receive the book, the same rules apply to original art. Do your best not to sit on it for more than it takes to actually draw your contribution. Contact me for the next person you need to send it to.


*I can't possibly pay for everyone's shipping, and I know we're all artists and not tycoons. Be expedient but safe. Juan's thread on how to ship artwork should be useful. Do what you can to make it a quick mailing but also reliable and undamaged one. Some factors are out of our hands, but please don't send book rate as that may take weeks and don't break the bank sending next day air or the equivalent.

*If you can scan the work prior to sending it great. You can email me the scans. Make sure it's at 300 dpi, but I'm open to suggestions on file type. (jpg is ok with me, but tifs, pdfs and pngs are acceptable.) If you don't scan the work, understand that I will be handling it enough to get it scanned.

*If you can protect your work after completion, do so. Especially the full book, it will be handled a lot and you know we'll all be looking at the pictures when we receive it. Invest in some hair spray or fixative to ensure minimal smudging and fading.

*I'll be handling the organization as much as possible. When the time comes to auction/sell the books I will keep it as transparent as possible. We're all on the honor system here. I would hope no one takes advantage of the project.

*I encourage people to spread the word to your friends. The only rule is they have to contact me personally with an address and a phone number they can be reached. I will be in contact throughout the project and I will crack the whip on people who sit on the the Big Mailer for more than a week.

Mail your image toThe 100 Artists Project15526 Sarahs CreekPflugerville, TX 78660

email: ben.lifeinaustin@gmail.com

Sounds pretty neat, eh?

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