This holiday season, Hulks will smash!

To help make your holiday season simply smashing*, Ed McGuinness has drawn two interconnecting "Hulk Santa Variant" covers for Hulk #18 and Fall of the Hulks Gamma. Above is the cover for Hulk #18 that Marvel sent over, and I'm guessing the as-yet-unrevealed cover to Fall of the Hulks Gamma will feature the other side of the ginormous snowball fight.

Solicitation information for both books is available after the jump ...

*I apologize for that.


HULK #18 (OCT090512)HULK #18 MCGUINNESS VARIANT (OCT090513)HULK #18 MCGUINNESS SANTA VARIANT (SEP098250)Written by JEPH LOEBPencils & Cover by WHILCE PORTACIOVariant Cover by ED MCGUINNESSSanta Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESSRated T+ .$3.99On-Sale-12/16/09

FALL OF THE HULKS GAMMA (OCT090516)FALL OF THE HULKS GAMMA ROMITA JR VARIANT (OCT090518)FALL OF THE HULKS GAMMA MCGUINNESS SANTA VARIANT (SEP098263)Written by JEPH LOEBPencils by JOHN ROMITA JR.Cover by ED MCGUINNESSVariant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.Santa Variant by ED MCGUINNESSRated T+ .$3.99FOC-12/3/09, On-Sale-12/23/09 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit www.comicshoplocator.com

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