This Hawkeye 'Civil War' figure comes with Ant-Man arrowhead

It was only a year ago that Hot Toys debuted its Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/6th-scale Hawkeye figure, which was greeted with mixed reaction from fans, some of whom didn't think the head sculpt was exactly "movie-accurate." Now the Hong Kong-based toymaker has debuted the Captain America: Civil War version, with a newly painted head sculpt that shoots closer to the mark.

However, that's probably not the big selling point. In fact, what will likely win over fans isn't "big" at all -- it's the interchangeable arrowhead with a miniature Ant-Man, which will allow you to recreate the crowd-pleasing sequence from the Civil War trailer. See? You want this figure now, Jeremy Renner's likeness be damned.

The Hawkeye collectible comes with the new costume from Civil War, interchangeable palms, bow, quiver and 16 arrows (with 11 interchangeable arrowheads), pistol, dagger and sunglasses.

It's targeted for release in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

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