This Geo Tracker Batmobile is perfect for a vigilante on a budget

If that $1 million replica of the Dark Knight's Tumbler is a little outside of your price range, we've found a Batmobile that may work within your budget. It just requires a bit of imagination and a lot of bravado.

Jalopnik spotlights a Craigslist entry for a 1991 Geo Tracker convertible that, for reasons not entirely clear, was transformed into a Batmobile perfect for a crime-fighter not overly concerned with striking fear in the hearts of evil-doers.

"It took a lot of time and manpower to create this car," the owner writes," over a year making it. Could never get paid enough for all the time and hard work it took."However, he's asking $5,850 for it, which is well above Kelley Blue Book value.

Granted, the company doesn't take into account things like street cred, those jet exhausts on the back or that this Batmobile runs on "Bat Gas Only" (it says so right there on the fuel door).

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