This futuristic Batmobile concept is the ride Batman deserves

Although directors Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder favored a tank-like Batmobile, for most of the Dark Knight's 77-year career, his vehicle has been sleek and futuristic in its design ... with the occasional oversized bat-like wings for effect. Bulgarian designer Encho Enchev manages to merge both approaches in this beautiful concept for a new Batmobile.

Inspired by his viewing of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Enchev turned to the Batmobile's long television and movie history for inspiration. Heck, he even looked to an actual bat.

The result is a design that looks formidable without being bulky; it's built for speed and combat. Oversized wheels could do serious damage to Gotham City streets and criminals alike, while twin mounted guns ensure few will stand in the Caped Crusader's way. However, the best elements may be the eye-like headlights and cow-catcher grill that seem to mimic a bat's face, and the subtle rear fenders that echo its ears.

(via Highsnobiety)

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