This Friday is Dialogue Free Comics Day

This may sound like a contradiction, but constraints often lead to greater creativity—the challenge of working within a set of boundaries can get an artist's imagination working overtime. Webcomic artist Noel Curry started Dialogue Free Comics Day last year for pretty much that reason. As he explains in this year's post:

Too often, when writing my webcomics (Milton’s Life and DJ Bogtrotter), I forget that this is primarily a visual artform and so to emphasise that, I’ve set myself the challenge of posting a dialogue free comic on that day and I’d like you to join me.

On this coming Friday—yes, Friday the 13th—Curry invites creators to make a special effort to make comics without conversations. They don't have to be word-free—text can pop up in the form of sound effects or signs, for instance—and looking over last year's comics, it's striking how often the creators do rely on words to get the story across. Curry will post or link to all this year's entries at his blog, and they should make interesting reading.

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