This flamethrower lightsaber probably isn't Jedi-approved

Most Star Wars fans have dreamed about wielding a lightsaber, whether as a Jedi or a Sith Lord. However, that fantasy doesn't usually extend beyond swinging a broomstick while making "woosh!" noises.

But Allen Pan isn't most fans. He's created an actual lightsaber that's not quite up to Jedi standards, yet can still cut down a Stormtrooper (well, a balloon Stormtrooper). Oh, or light a cigarette.

Pan, who became an Internet sensation a couple of months ago with his electromagnetic Mjolnir prank, built a handheld flamethrower that looks, and sounds, like a real lightsaber. Instead of a kyber crystal, his weapon is powered by a fuel mixture and butane, resulting in a long blade of blue flame that would make any Sith Lord think twice. (With the addition of boric acid, the flame turns green, giving a nod to Luke Skywalker and Return of the Jedi.)

(via Laughing Squid

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