This Final Fantasy XV-Themed Audi is Real (and Really Expensive)

If you're a devoted player of "Final Fantasy" searching for a way, beyond impractical armor and oversize weaponry, to integrate the video game into your daily life, we may have found an answer.

Audi Japan has partnered with Square Enix to release the special-edition "Final Fantasy XV" Audi R8, perhaps better known as the "Audi R8 Star of Lucis."

If the car looks familiar, that's probably because it plays a role in "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV," the CG-animated film that received theatrical release in July in Japan, and limited release in August in North America. You can even see it in the trailer.

Before you strap on that enormous sword, shout "Deploy the Glaive!" and head out to your local Audi dealership, you should probably know a few things: 1.) Only one Star of Lucis was produced, as a promotional tie-in to the Nov. 29 release of "Final Fantasy XV"; 2.) a raffle will be held Nov. 21 in Japan to determine who gets the privilege of buying the car; and 3.) if you're lucky enough to win, you'll then have to pony up roughly $469,256.

But, hey, if you're really a fan of "Final Fantasy," or Audi, the Star of Lucis would be well worth it. Right?

(via Kotaku)


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