This Fan-Made "Animated Adventures of Firefly" Trailer Is Pure Whedonverse Magic

The Serenity flies again.

Thanks to the amazing talents of artist/animator Stephen Byrne, Joss Whedon's iconic spaceship and her crew are back in action, albeit in cartoon form, in a new teaser for "The Animated Adventures of Firefly."

The 30-second clip features the cast of Joss Whedon's television series, "Firefly" (and subsequent feature film, 2005's "Serenity") back together, doing what they do best: reacting to and creating havoc. Amongst the scenes of mercenary Jayne Cobb firing away on his Lux and River Tam dishing out violence on some unfriendly looking droids, is the two and a half second GIF Byrne created (and documented) back in 2014, depicting a touching, heartbreaking moment between Zoe and Wash.

Alas, don't get this teaser get your hopes up. Because as "The Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott found out, it'll only hurt more when you have to walk away from it.

@PeterBanner1 @DanSlott it's as real as your heart wants it to be.

But no, it's not real.

— Art of Stephen Byrne (@StephenByrne86) August 15, 2016

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