This elegant wedding cake hides a superheroic secret

Kia Parsons wanted a traditional wedding cake, with sophisticated flowers and beads. However, her husband-to-be Billy Bunning envisioned something more playful that would reflect his love of comic books. Their compromise is pretty inspired.

Designed by Julia Baker of Tier By Tier in Milton Keynes, England, the beautiful four-tiered cake is all business up front, precisely how Parsons imagined. But in the back? Fondant curtains are pulled back to reveal tiers representing Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America.

"I loved every minute making this cake," Baker, who spent 40 hours on the project, told The Huffington Post UK, "as I knew it would be something that people would be surprised at and appeal to all the Marvel fans!"

(via Cake Wrecks)

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