This DIY Landspeeder bed is perfect for lil Skywalkers

I'm beginning to have flashbacks to my childhood, when it seemed like everybody but me had the cool Kenner Star Wars spaceships -- X-Wing, TIE Fighter, the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star -- to go along with the action figures.

Today, however, instead of toys it's the Star Wars spaceship beds: first the insanely expensive ($4,000) Millennium Falcon cockpit from Pottery Barn Kids, and now the insanely cool DIY Landspeeder from reddit user Ghostfaceace.

Built for his son in about 10 hours using mostly materials left over from other projects -- he estimates they'd cost about $150 -- the bed is made of timber and medium-density fiberboard, with 40-mm insulation foam for the silver sides. The LED lights can change colors using a remote control.

Unfortunately, Ghostfaceace forgot to take photos of the bed in progress. But maybe the next project -- the space-themed bedroom -- will be recorded.

(via Nerd Approved)

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