This DIY 'Harry Potter' Monopoly set is downright magical

The Wizarding World just got a little more DIY.

If you've ever been disappointed that you can't find a Monopoly set in your very particular shade of Pottermore nerd, ease your worrying mind, because with a little elbow grease you can finally know the joy that erupts when magic and capitalism share the same game board. A recent post on Instructables from user kroedel will walk you through how to make an astonishingly professional-looking Harry Potter-themed Monopoly board.

The guide goes into the most minute details, from specific construction materials to their exact dimensions and prices; this is no fly-by-night guide. There are some blind spots in the guide where you're left to your own devices, as is the case with game pieces. The guide writer uses LEGO minifigures, which are an easy stand-in if you don't want to go to "Warhammer 40,000" levels of statuette detail (down that path lies madness).

To get the job done properly you'll need a heaping helping of materials and some basic software, but most of all time. While certainly not a project to undertake flippantly, the results are undeniably impressive. Sorting hats off to anyone who chooses to follow in this craft wizard's footsteps.

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