This Death Star grill will fire up a steak like it's Alderaan

Summer may seem far, far away, but soon enough Emperor Palpatine, Grand Moff Tarkin and the gang will be dropping to eat a few burgers, enjoy warm weather and plan the destruction of the Rebellion. So, you'll want to be fully armed and operational with this Star Wars Death Star grill.

Officially licensed, the barbecue from TheFowndry is made from stainless steel, capable of withstanding high heat or a full-on X-wing attack. Standing 33 inches tall, it features adjustable air vents, which apparently aren't a design flaw (but just to be safe, you probably shouldn't invite any farm boys from Tatooine to your get-together).

It's available for preorder for about $150, with delivery expected in plenty of time for summer barbecue season on Yavin IV.

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(via Technobab)

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