This dad spent a year building a life-size Transformer for his son

After watching Transformers: Age of Extinction last year, Wang Liansheng's son wanted his own giant robot. Unable to afford the large toy model the boy had his eye on, the Chinese shipyard welder instead built a life-size replica.

China's People's Daily Online reports that, with help from his brother, Wang gathered abandoned car parts from a car factory and recycling center near his village in Jiangsu province and went to work in August 2014. A year later, they now have a nearly 16-and-a-half-foot Bumblebee standing in their yard.

Wang, who used images found online as reference, estimates the enormous yellow Autobot weighs about 3 tons. Unsurprisingly, the statue has become a local tourist magnet.

Although the Bumblebee project started as a way to please his son, Wang doesn't plan to stop there: He's already begun construction of Optimus Prime, and hopes to turn this into a lucrative business.

"The first robot is the promise to my son, the next one is about my career," he said. "I prepare to start my own business and have seven or eight workers in my company."

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