This custom 'Mad Max' Power Wheels is shiny and chrome

With this Mad Max Power Wheels War Rig, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith have undoubtedly earned a place in Valhalla.

The "creative engineers," who for previous Halloweens created a DeLorean and an Ecto-1 for their son, this year transformed 4-year-old Cooper and his 11-month-old sister Ziggy into an adorably ferocious Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa, complete with a pint-sized War Rig.

It's made from a couple of second-hand Fisher Price Power Wheels (Wrangler and Barbie, to be exact), cardboard and the necessary electronics. Powered by four motors, this War Rig has a bit of heft behind it. There's also an override that will allow it to be controlled using an iPhone app.

(via Gizmodo)

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