This custom Batman armor goes above and 'Beyond'

We've recently seen a lot of cosplay inspired Batman: Arkham Knight, but this is one of the few I've spotted based on Batman Beyond (albeit with a bit of video-game twist). And it's pretty impressive.

The work of French cosplayer NightCold Creations, the costume is made even more amazing when you realize that it's hand-crafted, not 3D-printed (he says a 3D printer is simply too expensive).

Before you request your own custom-made Batsuit from NightCold Creations, know this: It's not for sale, and he's not interested in reproductions. "This is an original design that took me a year and a half of work and planning," he explains. "Thank you for your interest, but I can not agree to the purchase offers. I encourage my fellow cosplayers to come up with their own original designs."

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