This Comic Is Good - Fin Fang Four

I am sure a bunch of good books came out this week, like Amazing Joy Buzzards, Astro City, Authority: Revolution and Conan, but I am confident enough in saying that, even before reading those books, that I think that Fin Fang Four was the best book of the week.

I am not familiar with Scott Gray, the writer of the book, but Roger Langridge is a favorite of mine. His Fred the Clown is an awesomely humorous book, and Langridge's art is one of the best "humor" art in the business today. Together, they combine to create, in Fin Fang Four, a comic that is so funny that I have to say that I do not believe that a single page went by without a really funny joke.

The basic gist of the story is that four former monsters (all actual monsters from Marvel's monster books of the late 50s and early 60s) get shrunk down to human size and allowed to reform and work at normal jobs for the Fantastic Four (Reed is their benefactor). One of the monsters, Googam, still holds a grudge against the Fantastic Four, and through a series of screwups, he ends up unleashing a terrible monster. The four monsters then must ban together under the direction of Fin Fang Foom to correct Googam's mistake.

The other two monsters are Gorgilla, a dim-brained gorilla-like monster and Elektro, the robot who was high tech when he was created, but not so much now (He is proud of being able to hold 32K in his computer brain).

The jokes come fast and furious throughout the book. Joke after joke after joke, and they're actually GOOD ones.

Langridge's art is, as you expect, quite good.

Basically, this was a funny comic book that actually had a little HEART in it as well.

Highly recommended!

Oh, and you also get a story by Dick Ayers and Jack Kirby, reprinting Fin Fang Foom's first appearance. It is a bit culturally....insenstive, to say the least, but a good story, outside of that.

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