This Comic Is Good - Adam Strange

My choice today is Adam Strange, by DC Comics.

Written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Paschual Ferry, this comic is the kind of book we all want to see.

There's great art by Ferry, possibly the best art of his career (I think this is basically in keeping with his similarly great art on the Super-titles, but I know my pal Tadhg thinks this is his best work ever).

But the main star of this story is Andy Diggle's view of Adam Strange.

Adam Strange, as you may or may not know, is not a superpowered person, per se. He has no visible powers.

His only "power" is his ingenuity.

He is one of the most ingenius people in the universe.

And, if you think about it, that's a pretty damn hard thing to visualize in a comic book.

Diggle manages to pull it off here, and it is great to see. The way he demonstrates Strange's quick thinking is awesome.

In addition, when I first heard the series described, I remember commisserating with Tadhg over what we thought was yet another "Grim and gritty" take on a classic Silver Age hero.

Diggle was quick to note that that was not the case, but still, reading the beginning of the first issue, it certainly seemed to be that way.

Strange is drunk, his planet is destroyed....hard to get more depressing than that, unless your name is Ralph Dibny.

But Diggle quickly shows us that this comic is NOT grim and gritty by revealing a cosmic mystery behind the disappearance of the planet Rann.

Soon, Strange is off on a really fun adventure.

Okay, I'll admit it, I thought it was kind of weak how quick Adam was to kill his opponents, but still, this is a really good series.

Try it out, everybody!

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