This Comic Is Bad - Justice Society of America #1-3

The old post had to go away, but we've got this one now. Let's just say I, as a reviewer, do not like the first three issues of the new Justice Society of America comic book.

The dialogue's bad. The pacing's bad. It's filled with "continuity porn," which is a slavish devotion to history to the point where it begins to take over the story and convolute it. The subject matter and violence are ridiculously out of hand. The massacre of children and the impaling of Nazis who puke metal on you while spouting terrible dialogue is not something that should be in a "fun" and "traditional" superhero comic, as JSA is usually described.

For those of you who may think I snapped my judgment too fast, well, usually it takes just one issue to tell that a comic is bad. In this case, I read the first three. Even the morbid curiosity I had to see how bad it would get has been killed, by this point.

Starman is actually my favorite part of the comic, though his background makes no sense to me, as I do not know the ins and outs of Kingdom Come. His characterization, however, is fun, though I'm not sure why the other characters actually keep him around.

I'm thinking of doing a fuller, more formal review at a later date. Anyone interested in such a thing?

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