This Chinese Mad Max: Fury Road Rip-off Looks Amazing

While fans of "Mad Max: Fury Road's" Imperator Furiosa continue to wait for her to get the solo flick she so richly deserves, it seems another epic female-led romp against a camp collection of car-crazies is in the offing — one that looks suspiciously like the original Mel Gibson "Mad Max" movies.

Apparently made in China, "Mad Shelia" is evidently not anywhere near as shiny and chrome as "Fury Road" – the CG-gunshots and explosions lack the authenticity of the practical effects in the 2015 film. What is less certain is whether or not this is a straight up parody as it seems or simply a copyright infringing attempt to cash in on "Fury Road's" international success.

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Either way, "Mad Shelia" is unlikely to equal "Fury Road's" $378 million worldwide gross, nor its haul of six Academy Awards, but still, it does seem like it will be a lot of fun.

(via io9)

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