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This BMW Is A Real-Life Transformer — Seriously

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This BMW Is A Real-Life Transformer — Seriously

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Looking for a car that’s more than meets the eye? If this fleet of BMWs marketed by Turkish R&D company Letvision works as advertised, the possibility might be much closer to reality than you may have realized.

The transforming automobiles, called “Letrons,” can supposedly morph from regular, albeit stylish, BMW sports cars into two-legged mechs that can then perform some rather limited movements. Once transformed, the mechs can move their heads, arms, wrists, and fingers. It’s nothing as impressive as what a full-fledged Transformer would be able to do, and you won’t be entering any G-Gundam style battles with them either, but the feat shows that the idea may have some potential if it were to be fleshed out further.



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It also turns out, based on the Letrons web page, that the BMWs have some advanced features that would be useful regardless of whether or not you were interested in having your car turn into a bipedal robot—remote control software, an HD LCD, and a robust sound system, to name a few. No laser cannons or Energon swords, though, sadly.

There are several models on display: The Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tantal. Alas, no prices, and no hints as to when, if ever, they’ll be available for purchase.

Check out a video demonstration below:

Via Gizmodo

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