This Black Widow 'Civil War' figure is fully armed (with a tiny Ant-Man)

Clearly Ant-Man is the must-have accessory for the spring, at least among Avengers. First, Hawkeye sported one at the tip of an arrow, and now Black Widow has her own, slightly larger, version.

This 3-centimeter-tall Scott Lang comes with Hot Toys' newly unveiled Captain America: Civil War Black Widow 1/6th-scale action figure, which of course boasts many other features (although it remains unclear why Ant-Man would be with someone on Team Iron Man).

Featuring a new head sculpt and new costume, Black Widow comes with eight interchangeable palms, two pistols, two extended nightsticks, two retracted nightsticks, two batons and a pair of Widow's Bite bracelets. In short, Natasha sports her own mini-arsenal.

The Black Widow 1/6th-scale figure is expected to ship in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

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