This Black Panther Statue Is Fit for a (Wakandan) King

T'Challa is the king of Wakanda, and now he has been immortalized in a statue that's just about good enough for kings. Though the character has been made into a number of action figures over the years, here are few detailed statues. Thankfully, XM Studios (via Comics Alliance) has now sculpted him in a jaw-dropping likeness.

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There is a catch, though. XM Studios is based out of Singapore. They almost never sell their figures in the US or Europe. Unless you've got a home overseas, this statue is going to run you $1000, at least. If you do manage to get one through the direct market, however, you are looking at a price tag closer to $640.

This extremely detailed Black Panther says it is based on the Marvel Studios design of the costume, but the texture resembles something closer to leather than metal, with realistic seams and folds. The MCU Black Panther has a necklace built right into the chest plate of the costume -- though this figure has the iconic necklace and pendant dangling free. Add to that the matching jewelry on the arms and the belt, and this T'Challa is ready to go on a hunt for villainy, while looking extraordinary regal all at the same time.

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Armed with a fearsome-looking vibranium spear, this statue looks as though it's leaping right off the page or screen. An unmasked head sculpt sweetens the deal, too, if you prefer to be able to see T'Challa's steely gaze.

Thanks to a rising profile with a hit comic and a film on the way, hopefully this won't be the last time T'Challa is sculpted in such detail!

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