This Becky Cloonan Clutch Album Cover Art is Pure Rock Fury

Due to popular demand, American rock, metal and blues band Clutch is re-releasing its charity compilation album "La Curandera" on classic black vinyl, but this time with the added twist of new original cover artwork by writer/artist Becky Cloonan.

The band announced the 8-track re-release, which will benefit the Brest Cancer charity Gilda's Club NYC, on its Facebook page.

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"The track listing features characters that can only be described as formidable female protagonists," said the band's front man Neil Fallon while describing the album. “And to put this project over the top we are lucky to have the cooperation of world renowned illustrator Becky Cloonan who created brand new artwork fitting this cause.”

Cloonan herself mentioned her part in the project in 2015 on her Twitter feed, showing both the final finished artwork and process pictures charting its creation.

The album includes the tracks Cypress Grove, La Curandera, Black Umbrella, Struck Down on Side A and Cyborg Bette, Night Hag, Oh Isabella and The Dragonfly (live) on Side B.

Clutch's charity album "La Curandera" will be available on black vinyl from Weathermaker Music.

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