This beautiful Batgirl print could be yours, if you're fast (and lucky)

It turns out the announcement of the Batman: The Animated Series vinyl box set was only the beginning of Mondo's Bat-bonanza.

The collectibles boutique has also unveiled a Batgirl poster by Gianmarco Magnani, featuring the late Yvonne Craig from the 1966 Batman TV series, and a Batman Begins print by Patrick Leger. Magnani previously created Batman and Robin prints, so if you were lucky enough to purchase those, the Batgirl would complete the set.

Of course, these being Mondo prints, they're limited editions (just 175 copies of Batgirl and 275 for Batman Begins), which means you'll have to move fast when they go on sale Friday for $45 each. As usual, keep an eye on the Mondo Twitter account for the announcement of just when they'll be available.

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