This Batman-themed hotel room is covered in Bat symbols

For those who always wanted to stay in their very own Batcave, Taiwan's Eden Motel has just the room for you. Yahoo! Travel recently discovered this one-of-a-kind getaway spot (via Comicbook.com), and the pictures are just full of awesome.

As you can see above and below, everywhere in the room is simply covered in Bat symbols: the headboard, the nightstands, the mirrors, even the TV mount. The walls and ceiling are carved like a cave, and there's a chair shaped like the Tumbler. Absolutely everything in the space is a reference to the Dark Knight, and you can actually stay here... for an hourly fee.

Yes, it's an hourly room, so let that lead you to whatever assumptions you want to make about the Eden Motel. Still, how can you beat a Gotham skyline behind your bed? Check out the images:

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