"This Batman Life" Documentary on Kickstarter

Official Press Release

This Batman Life is the story of one nerd's journey to see the country the way a young Bruce Wayne might have seen it. Equal parts travelogue and documentary, this project follows writer G. Brett Williams as he attempts to learn to be The Batman, and hopefully learn a thing or two about himself along the way.

Throughout this project, Brett will travel to some of the most vibrant cities in the country, including Chicago and New York City, as he attempts to learn everything Bruce Wayne had to learn to be the Batman. This Batman Life isn't simple hero worship, nor the desire for vigilantism. Instead, it is a journey through the heart of America and the heart of a man, as he seeks to better himself and to support the communities through which he travels. Brett will learn the skills provided by martial arts and Eastern philosophy, glean the secrets of detective work from a real private eye, dart across rooftops with professional Parkour practitioners and learn to live off the land from tried and true survival experts.

One part On the Road and one part Batman: Year One, this project combines the time honored American traditions of the open road novel and superhero comic book. Come along for this exciting and illuminating journey as one aging nerd decides to live, This Batman Life.

G. Brett Williams is a blogger and aspiring comic book writer living in Chicago, IL. He has contributed to various pop culture websites including Broken Frontier and CC2K and keeps his own blog for aiding other young creators looking to break into the comic book industry. His latest work, an essay on Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan, will appear in Sequart's upcoming book, Shot In The Face.

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